Are You Poisoning Your Skin?

Are You Poisoning Your SkinPoisoning your skin is NOT something we ever set out to do. I use the term ‘poison’ to get your attention. It’s the chemicals in skin care products that are the poison our bodies don’t need. Our skin is the largest organ on our body and needs to be protected and nourished. (Just like the chemical additives in food, they make us sick.)

Banned Foods To Stop Feeding Your Family

Banned Foods To Stop Feeding Your FamilyBanned foods in other countries need to be banned in America as well. Why aren’t they? The answer … Profit Margin. The big corporations are about making money. They really do not care about our health. Whenever you can, shop your local farmer’s market. Your health is worth paying a little more … isn’t it?

Toxic Overload and What To Do

Toxic Overload and What To DoToxic overload is a ‘hot’ subject for many in the health industry. Though this book was written in 2005, it is still relevant. There are more chemicals available today that have not been tested for toxicity. These chemicals are in our cleaners. They are in our personal care products. And, they are even in our food supply!

Contrary to popular belief, not all sickness or disease is hereditary. Are you aware that most disease can be prevented? Education is the key to knowledge.

This book is an excellent place to start. It consists of two parts:

Always Keeping Dogs Healthy

Keeping Dogs HealthyKeeping dogs healthy was not something I understood as a child. I did know they needed food, water and lots of love and playing. Dogs have been a part of my life since I was a young child. Mom knew if she saw me, a dog was close by. Strays would follow me. One of my dreams was to own my own kennel. 

Beware Chemical Ingredients in Toothpaste!

Beware of Chemical Ingredients in ToothpastePlease beware of the chemical ingredients in toothpaste. I was thinking of things kids are taught to do at an early age. Brushing their teeth was at the top of the list. Next was washing their hands properly. The video below shares some info about toothpaste. My goal is to educate … make you aware … not to scare you.