Beware Chemical Ingredients in Toothpaste!

Beware of Chemical Ingredients in ToothpastePlease beware of the chemical ingredients in toothpaste. I was thinking of things kids are taught to do at an early age. Brushing their teeth was at the top of the list. Next was washing their hands properly. The video below shares some info about toothpaste. My goal is to educate … make you aware … not to scare you. 

Chemical Ingredients Are In Many Personal and Pet Care Products

In the video, I mentioned a ‘warning’ and calling the Poison Control Center. I didn’t talk about the specific ingredients. I am looking at an old tube of Colgate. Triclosan is one of the active ingredients (chemicals) found in many personal and pet care products. Antibacterial soap is one such product. Protracted or chronic exposure usually results in major damage to the liver, kidneys and eyes!

Another active ingredient (chemical) is Sodium Fluoride. Watch for signs of respiratory insufficiency and assist ventilations if necessary. Administer oxygen by nonrebreather mask at 10 to 15 L/min. Monitor for pulmonary for edema and treat if necessary. Monitor for shock and treat if necessary. It’s not to be disposed of in the sewer. WHY is it in a product that humans use?

Toothpaste Warning Label

NOTE: I didn’t even get into the ‘inactive ingredients’!

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