Foodborne Diseases

Foodborne Diseases - 1Read an interesting article titled ‘Foodborne Diseases‘. It’s in the June issue of National Geographic. Did you know one in six Americans get sick from food poisoning?

– An estimated 48 million Americans get sick,
– 128,000 are hospitalized, and
– 3,000 die!

According to the article, there are five places our food can become tainted:

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Health Benefits of Watermelon - 1Watermelon weekend is here! It’s also another fruit we’ve planted in our yard. What I didn’t know was all the health benefits associated with it.

On a hot day, if refrigerated, watermelon is one of the best fruits on the planet. By nature, it’s full of water (92%) and natural sugar. Add to that, it’s low on calories and high in Vitamin C.

It’s one food most kids will eat. 🙂 Take it as a treat on your next trip to the beach or a picnic.

5+ Health Benefits of Radish

5 Health Benefits of RadishGrowing up with the ‘waste not, want not’ ideology, and because we planted some this year, I wondered about the health benefits of radish as well as how radish leaves could be used. What I learned is nothing short of amazing. Besides, being used in salads, they can also be used in smoothees and they have a distinct flavor. I definitely like it more than spinach. 🙂  

Beware Chemical Ingredients in Toothpaste!

Beware of Chemical Ingredients in ToothpastePlease beware of the chemical ingredients in toothpaste. I was thinking of things kids are taught to do at an early age. Brushing their teeth was at the top of the list. Next was washing their hands properly. The video below shares some info about toothpaste. My goal is to educate … make you aware … not to scare you. 

Making A Difference … With Your Life

Making A Difference ... With Your LifeLife is about making a difference. It’s about the little things we do everyday, agree? It’s about growing, learning, sharing and teaching. You get to witness me growing … taking baby steps. I’m learning how to do videos. This is my second one! As you’ll see, I have much to learn. I hope you enjoy the message. ‘The Dash’ – a poem by Linda Ellis – is powerful.