Self Growth: Ch 4 Rev of 15 Laws of Growth – Reflection

This chapter on Reflection is amazing. I realize that I haven’t taken the time to do much of it but now I understand why doing so is important.

In order to develop personal or self-awareness ask yourself questions. These exercises are best completed by writing down both the question and answer and then going back and reflecting.

Why is reflection so important? How does it become such a powerful tool in learning who you are and living a life of purpose? How do you feel or have you ever thought about that little line between the birth and death years? I’d like my “Dash” to be long and squiggly.

  • Pausing – taking the time for reflection turns experience into insight. When you think about an experience, do you wonder why it happened? What ‘things’ came together to make it turn out like it did? Do you want it to happen or not happen again?
  • We ALL need time to reflect … Schedule this as a high priority item in your calendar – once a week, once a month … it’s THAT important!
  • Reflect with intention using the letter “I”

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Ask yourself good questions (they require more than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’) and are the heart of reflection.


Let an experience ‘simmer’


Play back the tapes of your performance: results should either applaud you or prod you.


Put flesh on ideas. For example, if you want to write a book, start jotting down those ideas, add an outline, etc.


During the course of this chapter, John has 10 questions on developing personal awareness, in the area of relationships, and where are you in personal growth. Because there is so much, I will list only a few in each area.

To develop personal/self-awareness, ask yourself questions like:

  • What is my biggest asset/liability?
  • What is my highest high/lowest low?
  • What is my most/least worthwhile emotion?
  • What is my best/worst habit?
  • What is most fulfilling to me?
  • What do I prize the most?

Here are a few to ask yourself in the area of relationships (and you can ask similar ones in reference to money, faith, etc):

  • Do I value people?
  • Do people know I value them?
  • How do I show it?
  • Am I a PLUS or MINUS in my most important relationships?
  • What is the ‘love language‘ of the people that I love?

Do you know where you are in personal growth?

  • Am I growing daily?
  • What am I doing to grow daily?
  • How am I growing?
  • What were the potential growing moments I experienced today and did I seize them?
  • Am I passing on to someone what I’m learning? (This is actually one of my favorites because as I pass on what I’m learning, it becomes more deeply embedded.)

There is so much more in this chapter to include how to deal with where you are in life (mid-life, retirement age) and even how to apply the Law of Reflection.

How do you want YOUR “Dash” remembered?

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P. S. To fully benefit, I highly recommend you get a copy of 15 Laws of Growth by John Maxwell. Read it a couple of times, take notes. If possible, I recommend the audio version as well. If you walk, you can listen on a player or if you drive listen to the CD. Let’s talk!

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