Self Growth: Ch 5 Rev of 15 Laws of Growth – Consistency

The test of greatness is consistency – it’s the key to growth. “Motivation gets you going — Discipline keeps you growing.” From John Maxwell’s 15 Laws of Growth, my review covers the four questions of What, How, Why and When of personal improvement.

Do you know WHAT you need to improve? By expanding yourself, you expand your potential.

Do you know HOW you are supposed to improve? What type of motivation do YOU need?

  • Start with small reachable goals and practice them … daily.
  • Success comes from simple incremental steps … daily.
  • All things are difficult before they are easy (I KNOW this to be true :))
  • Value the process/journey… daily.

Do you know WHY you want to keep improving? This needs to be really big because it will carry you through when will power isn’t enough. Your why isn’t strong enough if you answer ‘yes’ to several of the following questions:
a. Do you constantly procrastinate on important tasks?
b. Do you require coaxing to do small chores?
c. Do you perform duties just to get by?
d. Do you constantly talk negatively about your work?
e. Do efforts of friends to encourage you irritate you instead?
f.  Do you start small projects and abandon them?
g. Do you avoid self improvement opportunities?

Do you know WHEN you’re supposed to improve?

  • Consistency is contrary to nature. It’s also contrary to life. You need to become ‘growth conscience’ which creates lifelong changes. Being ‘goals conscience’ is seasonal.
  • If you only do things when convenient, you won’t see success.
  • Hard work is the accumulation of easy things that you didn’t do when you should have. (You wouldn’t believe the pile of mending I literally needed to schedule to get it done. Simply amazing how big things disappear when done a little every day!)
  • A quote from Leo Buscaglia “Life lived for tomorrow will always be just a day away.”

 Start the day with determination …
End it with satisfaction. ~George Lorimer

Since I started this (book) journey, the days on my calendar have become more full. I’m checking off more items. When I reflect in the evening, noting where, when and how I’ve spent my day, it’s easier to see where I need to focus the next day. I see the small steps forward as well as some slides backward. My calendar has become a key tool as I work to improve myself in order to meet my goals. Do you use your calendar to track your growth process?

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P.S. With today’s chapter review, we are 1/3 through the book. Here are the links to the previous topics covered:

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  2. Awareness – You must know yourself to grow yourself
  3. Mirror – You must see value in yourself to add value to yourself
  4. Reflection – Learning to pause allows growth to catch up to you


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