Beware Chemical Ingredients in Toothpaste!

Beware of Chemical Ingredients in ToothpastePlease beware of the chemical ingredients in toothpaste. I was thinking of things kids are taught to do at an early age. Brushing their teeth was at the top of the list. Next was washing their hands properly. The video below shares some info about toothpaste. My goal is to educate … make you aware … not to scare you. 

Health Effects of Fluoride in Our Water

(LittleThingsDoMatter) Health effects and symptoms of using fluoride are varied, not widely publicized, and you really need to know about them. Studies show lower IQ scores and health issues such as joint pain, headaches, etc could also be associated.
Did you know that fluoride is a neurotoxin and ranked right up there with arsenic? It’s in our water supply as well as our toothpaste! I would also recommend checking the ingredients of mouthwash. Many of those have formaldehyde.

More in-depth information is available on Health Effects of Fluoride in Water including a Professional Perspective, the 23 Studies, and suggestions on how to clean up our water.