Steps To Create Healthy Habits That Stick

Steps To Create Healthy Habits That StickCreating healthy habits sounds easy, doesn’t it? I suppose it is if you’re taught them as a child. Many of us learned about brushing our teeth properly. Good, healthy habit, right?

Then, we grew up, got out on our own and decided to do things our way. Not saying we gave up brushing our teeth. However, it’s easy enough to get in the habit of eating at fast food places.

Making A Difference … With Your Life

Making A Difference ... With Your LifeLife is about making a difference. It’s about the little things we do everyday, agree? It’s about growing, learning, sharing and teaching. You get to witness me growing … taking baby steps. I’m learning how to do videos. This is my second one! As you’ll see, I have much to learn. I hope you enjoy the message. ‘The Dash’ – a poem by Linda Ellis – is powerful.

Self Growth: Ch 15 Rev of 15 Laws of Growth – Contribution

Growing yourselfYou can’t give to others if you don’t have it. Benjamin Franklin saw the world as what he could give to it rather than what he could get from it – shared what became known as the Franklin Stove with society rather than patent. “What good can I do today?” and “What good have I done today?” were morning and evening questions Franklin asked himself.

Self Growth: Ch 14 Rev of 15 Laws of Growth – Expansion

Change Thinking - Change LifeIf you’re still breathing and are of sound mind you have the potential of increasing your capacity. People use and cultivate only about 10% of their capacity. First, we must change our thinking and the way we do things. Here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Stop thinking ‘more work’ and start thinking ‘what works’.

Self Growth: Ch 13 Review of 15 Laws of Growth – Modeling

How can you improve if you have no one else to follow? Resources have little value unless you can pull from them the essentials that you need – notes, quotes and reflection. Putting things into practice as soon as possible after learning them helps you improve more rapidly. It does no good to learn something and not use it. If you travel a bit, make your vehicle your classroom and listen to tapes or CDs.

Self Growth: Ch 11 Rev of 15 Laws of Growth – Trade Offs

Trade offs are part of growing up … changing … becoming more successful in life. We tend to stay within our comfort zone until we begin to feel dissatisfied. As we grow and get better, we use different but similar tools. We go from being in a stroller to a 3-wheeler to a 2-wheeler, maybe skates, scooters until we arrive at motorcycles and cars and some stretch further to become pilots. We grow and become more proficient.

Self Growth: Ch 10 Rev of 15 Laws of Growth – Rubber Band

Growth stops when you lose the tension between where you are and where you could be.  Only a mediocre person is always at their best. God’s gift to us is our potential. Our gift to God is developing it. The only way to develop is to stretch. “Life begins at the end of our comfort zone.”

Have you stretched today?

  1. Average – Mediocrity is not worth shooting for. Do you fill life with time or time with life?
  2. Settling for the status quo ultimately leads to dissatisfaction. Settling for the comfort zone means not reaching – stretching – to reach your full potential. Doing the same things day in and day out with the same people – living in a rut.
  3. Stretching always starts from the inside. Do you have a dream? Are you pursuing it?

Self Growth: Ch 9 Review of 15 Laws of Growth – Ladder

Character growth determines the height of your personal growth. Personal growth leads to personal success.

  1. Focus on being better on the inside than on the outside. Character matters … it represents who we are on the inside. As we think in our hearts, so we become. Before you can do … you must be. For example, expressions of care on the outside, with a heart of hatred on the inside will not bring lasting peace. We must align the inside and the outside of our lives. Getting the inside right must come first with solid character traits that provide the foundation for growth. Character is a quality that embodies several important traits such as integrity, courage, perseverance, confidence and wisdom.
  2. Follow the Golden Rule. People matter. The Golden Rule prompts you to think of other people and to take the higher road.