Wash hands? Clean house? Beware of the Toxic Chemicals!

Beware of Toxic ChemicalsTwo of the most common things we do on a regular basis that uses a cleaner (of sorts) is washing our hands and cleaning house. We need to for proper hygiene and to get rid of germs; however, it’s the toxic chemicals we use that can make those ‘simple’ tasks unhealthy.

Learn about toxic chemicals as ingredients

Like food (another topic), there are ingredients listed that we need to get familiar with and avoid. Sad to say, several of the ingredients are really toxic chemicals and can be found in many personal and pet care products. I mentioned Triclosan in the previous post about toothpaste – it’s also in anti-bacterial soaps.

You might say, “Well, there’s not that much Triclosan in ‘whatever’.” That is true; however, how many times and how many products do you use on a regular basis that has the ingredient? Who would even think that the simple, good habits like brushing teeth and washing hands could damage their kidneys, liver and eyes!?!

Watch the following video where I talk about hand washing followed by one affect house cleaning products can have on a child. I’ve included a handwriting sample that I think will astound you. To learn about other every day household cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals which may be affecting your family’s health, click here.

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