Always Keeping Dogs Healthy

Keeping Dogs HealthyKeeping dogs healthy was not something I understood as a child. I did know they needed food, water and lots of love and playing. Dogs have been a part of my life since I was a young child. Mom knew if she saw me, a dog was close by. Strays would follow me. One of my dreams was to own my own kennel. 

Keeping Dogs Healthy and Safe … Outside

  • Is the yard fenced?
  • Is there shade or shelter available?
  • Do they have access to clean water?
  • If you have puppies, are there things they could choke on?
  • Do you use chemicals in your yard: weed killer, ant bait, etc? If the dogs walk around in it and lick their paws, it can make them very sick or worse.
  • Do they have access to anti-freeze? It’s like water to them and sweet. It also causes kidney failure and very few have survived.

Please, please, please … do not chain your dog. It cannot protect itself – or you – if there is a threat.

Keeping Dogs Healthy and Safe … In Your Home

  • Just like outside, make sure there are no choking hazards.
  • Access to water always.
  • Food requirement differs not just by size but age as well.
  • I also learned a dog over 7 years needs to have their teeth cleaned every six months.
  • What do you use to wash their dishes? Something similar to Dawn?
  • What do you use when washing their bedding? Do you add bleach?
  • Do you use things like Pine-Sol to wash your floors?

The ONLY cleaning products I use now are natural which means NO chemicals. Use this site to check the ingredients in products you use now. If you’re into keeping dogs healthy, it’s definitely worth your time to look into the ‘pet’ section. Much of this also applies to cats.

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