[Pt 5/5] Home Cleaning Products That Can Make You Sick – Chlorine Bleach

This is the final part of this series but by no means the end… Remember, there are over 80,000 chemicals. Check the ingredients listed. In most cases, if you can’t pronounce it, you probably don’t want to use it either.

On page 3 of this article “Cleaning Products Made a Difference”, you’ll see an image of what bleach can do to a child’s ability to write – not good!

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Chlorine Bleach –

  • Can cause severe skin and eye damage
  • Damaging to the respiratory tract
  • Causes throat irritation even when exposed briefly and at low levels
  • Linked to RADS:  Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome – Manifests as Bronchitis or Asthma
  • Corrosive and damaging to cells on contact
Do you find it disappointing that the companies we have trusted for years are really not concerned about their customers? What bothers you the most? Please share your comments below.

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