A Very Unhappy Fat Kid

(LittleThingsDoMatter) This video really tore me up. I hurt for this kid (and so many like him). Watching it, I could see a few minor changes in diet that would make a major difference for him. Can you spot them? What would you change to help him become the happy, healthy kid he deserves to be?

Do you know how High Fructose Corn Syrup is made? Check the ingredients on most everything you buy at the supermarket or corner grocer. You’ll find this cheap sweetener (made with a toxic chemical additive) as probably the 3rd or 4th ingredient listed. It’s in crackers, cookies, spaghetti sauce, etc. If not HFCS, you’ll find Splenda (a carcinogen) or something similar especially in ‘diet’ or ‘fat free’ items.

Kids like this tend to feel a lot of stress and depression which can easily lead to other physical problems such as diabetes and heart issues. They need love, a healthy diet, and exercise. Have bananas, oranges, apples, pineapple, even carrot sticks on hand. Sometimes, too, when they think they’re hungry, a cool glass of purified water will do the trick.

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