Animal Testing – Part 2: Health & Beauty Companies That DON’T Test On Animals

Just like up and down, on and off, over and under, etc – there is do and don’t. In this case, the “Don’t” wins! While looking for proof that there are good companies out there – and because I’ve adopted the “don’t reinvent the wheel” philosophy – I came across a post by Renee Lorentzen of ‘Beauty Fool’ that I’m sharing here. She wrote a super article and did a ton of research on beauty brands that don’t test on animals.  

This post is focused on companies that don’t hurt animals; however, some of the products contain chemicals that can be health hazards and you may want to do further research on their ingredients.

An additional document that may be of interest is from the PETA organization.


Changing to a more caring and compassionate brand will not only change your life but also help to change the lives of our animal friends.

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