CRPD – Our Special Needs Children and GMO

How is it possible to live two entirely different roles at the same time on the same planet?!? Sometimes they come together just fine and at others, they clash. (I’m not counting all the other hats of wife, mom, etc. here.)

One role is that of a Network Marketing Professional. I have my own home business in the health and wellness field. I figure without health – nothing else matters. Doesn’t matter if you have time or money – without great health, you can’t enjoy them. I’m also into the prevention end of things. Keep the body in good shape and you don’t need to replace parts – that gets really expensive.

The other role is of a concerned American citizen and right now our country really is in crisis on sooooo many fronts. The election we are facing is a critical one. We will either be a free country with our God-given rights – as our forefathers intended – or, we … won’t …

Lately my roles have been clashing a lot. We want to do the best for our families and that includes not only good nutrition, pure water, clean air it also includes having the freedom to do so. We literally have a food fight going on right now and it’s not the fun one across our tables. We want to know what’s in the food we are eating and feeding our families. If you haven’t already done so, learn about the hazards of GMO foods and the herbicides and pesticides you may be unknowingly ingesting.

And what type of pans do you cook in? Chemical Used in Teflon & Non-Stick Cookware Linked to Heart Disease

The raising and care of our special needs children is in jeopardy.

One of my favorite pictures!

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) would give the U.N. oversight of the healthcare and education choices parents with special needs kids make. There isn’t much time to stop this! Parental Rights and URGENT NOTICE 

Please share with everyone you know, they may know someone who isn’t aware.

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