Food Crisis: Companies That Care and Support GMO Food Labeling

Most of this information is from California (CA) Right to Know. They are working hard to get Prop 37 Right to Know initiative passed which in a nutshell means GMO foods will be labeled. It can’t just be CA. We all need to join together to get similar laws passed in our own states. It truly is about our health and future generations. Nearly 50 other countries require GMO labeling. Why is it that America does not? What can possibly be gained by creating a sick nation, birth deformities, and woman who cannot have babies?

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine says: “In 2012, research still shows that genetically modified foods pose a threat to consumers’ health,” said Dr. Amy L. Dean, President Elect of AAEM. ”

Here is a very impressive list of endorsements for CA Prop 37 – a small sampling in the pic to the left.

Whether or not you live in CA, Organic Consumers is a great place to get additional info. If you scroll down on this particular article, there is a section on the “Ownership Structure of Organics”

A list of the Top 10 Worst GMO foods

5 Foods to Always Buy Organic

Non-GMO Shopping Guide and iPhone app is a super tool to help you with your shopping needs.

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