Vitamins and Supplements Help You Live a Longer, Healthier Life

I don’t write about studies usually, but found the following article interesting and appreciate Dr. Chaney for sharing.  I’ve taken vitamins and supplements for the past five years and feel like I did almost 20 years ago. I wasn’t always into feeding my body what it needed – but what tasted good. I never thought about the long term health affects certain foods could have or that I wasn’t getting what I needed. I was allowing my body to become a breeding ground for illness and/or disease. My own immune system was at risk and my health was in a downward spiral.

The Vitamins and Lifestyle Study” (Pocobelli et al, American Journal of Epidemiology, 170: 472-483, 2009).

  • The study surveyed 77,719 residents of Washington State, aged 50 to 76, for supplement usage and lifestyle differences.
  • With respect to supplement usage the study participants were separated into those who took multivitamins at least 6-7 times/week, those who took at least 215 mg of vitamin E/day, those who took at least 322 mg of vitamin C/day and those who took no supplements at all.
  • The groups were further stratified so that there were no lifestyle differences between the supplement and non-supplement groups.
  • The study then compared the supplement and non-supplement groups with respect to both cardiovascular mortality and total mortality over a 10-year period.
  • The results were not surprising to those of us who have been closely following this kind of research.
  • The multivitamin users had a 16% reduction in risk of cardiovascular mortality compared to those who were not using any supplements at all.
  • The people who took at least 215 mg of vitamin E/day had a 28% decrease in cardiovascular mortality and an 11% decrease in total mortality compared to the non-supplement users.
  • And the people who took at least 322 mg of vitamin C/day had a 25% decrease in cardiovascular mortality and 9% decrease in total mortality compared to non-supplement users.

Although this study focused on single supplements rather than the multiple supplements, the results are fully consistent with the results of the Landmark study of Shaklee supplement users.

The Landmark study showed that long term supplement users were healthier. This study shows that long term supplement use decreases the risk of dying (early).

Together these studies show that long term supplement use leads to a longer AND healthier life. You would think that something this simple that everyone could do to decrease their risk of disease and death would be big news. But somehow this study never made it to your local newspaper or Internet news service. Do you suppose that’s because only bad news sells?

P.S. Kids and the elderly’s health is at risk. They need vitamin and mineral supplements to help build their immune systems especially during the flu season.

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