One Way to Handle Stress: Prayer

Normally I don’t talk about politics or religion here; however, I do talk about stress and how it can be the cause of illness. The chaos that is America today definitely has me stressing – not too sure how it may be affecting you. I haven’t been eating well nor has my sleep been restful. Consequently, my digestive system is messed up and I have IMS – Irritable Mood Syndrome.

We currently have a president who is anti-Christian and says ‘people belong to the government’. He apologizes for America, her traditions and her prosperity. Hello? It is because of our traditions and prosperity that we have been able to help others and it is because of our compassion that we do so.

When he said ‘fundamentally change and transform America’, he wasn’t kidding! When he said ‘America is not a Christian nation’ … was that the moment he laid the groundwork to remove our religious liberty? Our Christian faiths – no matter the denomination – is the foundation, the essence – our conscience, if you will – of who we are and what we stand for. He can take away our conscience?!?

It’s NOT been the ‘hope and change’ that Americans voted for. Instead, more people find themselves out of work. Biden made a remark about ‘putting ya’ll in chains’ in reference to the Republican party. What do you call it when people are out of work and need Food Stamps or other Welfare programs just to survive? I call it enslavement. Isn’t that the same as ‘chains’?

He says “Forward” … I say “Backward” I don’t want and didn’t vote for this guy’s ‘hope and change’. As of the time of this post, there isn’t much time left to do some serious praying and research. What kind of a world do you want for your children and grandchildren? One of enslavement … or one of prosperity?

I vote for prosperity where people have a choice … where people can live according to THEIR religious beliefs … where they can live whatever mission it is that God gave them.

I want God back in our schools. I want our Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Declaration of Independence to be taught in their entirety.

I do not want to be considered a threat or terrorist because I believe in American values and traditions.

I want an American government that is FOR the American people – all off them – not just a select few. A government that will uphold our Constitution and God-Given rights.

I want a government who supports our military men and women. Many are sacrificing their lives for the very freedoms this administration is actively taking away. Families are mourning the lost lives of sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters and grandchildren.

I want to be able to go to a store and buy stuff that is ‘MADE IN AMERICA’.

I want my food labeled so I know that what my family is eating is healthy for them.

It is only through freedom one can live their life to its fullest God-given potential.
Who is ‘man’ to take that away?

PS The picture above is of a statue my mom gave me many years ago. Just as the Crucifix holds deep meaning, so does this. I am a Child of God and so are you. Pray and place your faith in Him. God Bless Israel and God, … Please Bless America … again.

Enjoy this wonderful rendition of the “Battle Hymn” 

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