Steps To Create Healthy Habits That Stick

Steps To Create Healthy Habits That StickCreating healthy habits sounds easy, doesn’t it? I suppose it is if you’re taught them as a child. Many of us learned about brushing our teeth properly. Good, healthy habit, right?

Then, we grew up, got out on our own and decided to do things our way. Not saying we gave up brushing our teeth. However, it’s easy enough to get in the habit of eating at fast food places.

Our lives are hectic. We want to save time. Drive-through’s are great! We develop some bad/unhealthy habits. Some of these habits will – if they haven’t already – affect our health.

Creating Healthy Habits That Stick

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m into lists. The shorter the list, the more I like it. This post is no different. Hopefully, you like short lists, too. There are only five simple steps to creating healthy habits that will stick:

  1. You want the right motivation. You want it to be something that is within you. For instance, if you want to eat more healthy, the media saying it’s bad for you won’t do it. Learning what’s in processed or fast food and where it came from might gross you out enough. You wanting to keep up with the kids or grandkids without getting winded is probably the better motivation.
  2. You want to overcome your doubt. How often do you listen to your inner voice? Is it full of doubt? I’ve tried cooking before. I burn water. I can’t. Well…can’t never could. If you’ve raised or are raising a responsible, compassionate child … you are strong enough to handle just about anything. Think instead about how great you’ll feel. You’ll save a small fortune, too that you can spend somewhere else. REWARD yourself! Get or do something incredibly special for YOU!
  3. You will update your identity. Who do you want to be? A tired, old person or someone the young ones can’t wait to visit because you’re so much fun?
  4. You’ll congratulate yourself. Write a congratulatory letter to the person you will be six months from now. Talk about how great these healthy habits make you feel and the different things you are doing. This short-term vision will help you keep on track when it’s tough.
  5. You’ll lock in a date. Pick a day THIS week to start and write it on your calendar in ink. This is a commitment you will not erase. 🙂

You’ll notice I didn’t say creating healthy habits was going to be easy. It is tough at times to break bad habits. Is it worth it? Most definitely! If you’d like to read more on this subject, check out these books on Amazon.

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