Stress and Health: Politics and Religion

It’s worrisome wondering where is America headed. Who is going to take the helm? Personally I think we could use a leader who does what he says. But the point of today’s post is to pass on something that has helped me when I’m losing sleep and not eating right – when I’m concerned about the political battlefield. I will also say that politics is NOT part of my daily diet. However, with election right around the corner, it’s all over the news and there are several versions available. It can be mind-boggling … and upsetting.

I come from a military background, married a military guy and actually did a short stint myself. I love America and all she stands for. Is it any wonder my favorite patriotic song is God Bless the USA? It always puts me in a thankful frame of mind.

Here’s the trailer to a movie in honor of the military and is also about religious freedom –

In the words of Tiny Tim, “May God Bless Us Everyone.”

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