We ALL Have A Right to Know What’s In Our Food!

I tried really hard to stay away from politics but it appears to be invading every part of our lives – even to the food we eat! The “Right to Know” what we are eating has to be voted on! Can you believe it? I’ve written before about CA Proposition 37 and even though I don’t live in California, I am urging everyone who does to vote YES on CA Prop 37. We DO have a right to know what we eat AND should also be able to choose. This should not even be up for a vote!

What happens with the CA Prop 37 vote on November 6th IS going to affect the rest of us. Following are two links that I hope you will go through. Learn more about the dangers of GMO. “We are what we eat” is very true. Since GMOs have ‘stealthily’ been added to the ingredients (80%) of our food, there has been a consistent rise in disease and it appears the fastest growing part of the population is our children! Why? They are active, eat more and their immune systems can’t handle all the toxins. Cancer, asthma, allergies are all on the rise! Obesity is another growing issue and in part also connected to certain ingredients in our food – there are rises in heart disease and diabetes.

Experts discuss the findings of the Roundup GM cancer trial 360p

Bogusky Squares off Against Nestle, Conagra in California Food Fight and make sure to check out these videos that discuss the “risks of genetically modified foods.”

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