Food Crisis: Hazardous Materials in our Food!

I’ve spent the last few weeks on our household cleaners and a bit on personal care. Though I didn’t go into detail on the hazardous materials – toxins – in many of today’s personal care products – there are definitely companies I believe you would stay away from if you knew.

Companies Against GMO LabelingHave you noticed how America’s health issues are on the rise? (Big Pharma is really happy about that.) What is the cause? Why has this been happening? Toxins! Our bodies are not made to process hazardous materials – the chemicals, preservatives, herbicides and pesticides that we breathe (our cleaners) or put on ourselves (make up, skin care, perfume, shampoo, etc).

Now…our food supply. We are facing a ‘healthy food’ crisis. I’ve been watching Monsanto for a while now – have you? Do you understand what (genetically modified organism / genetically engineered) GMO and GE  is? Dr. Mercola has several articles which will help with understanding these man-made health issues and why you would benefit by staying away from them.

Check out the members of BioTech. The benefits tab on their site is interesting, too. Wonder who’s paying for most of them?

I must admit I was really disappointed by a few names on the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) Member Directory. I grew up with these names. I’m sure that company ownership and profit margin has quite a bit to do with their decision-making process. It’s incredibly sad (to me) that it isn’t about the consumer. Johnson & Johnson is the one I am most disappointed in because they are known for their baby products. That they use chemicals known to cause health issues and are also part of the ‘membership’ that doesn’t want food labeling really does make me angry.Our babies are our future and the most susceptible to the dangers! And then there’s General Mills who makes Cheerios. Whenever we went on a trip, the kids had dry Cheerios to munch on. They, too, don’t want us to know what’s in our food.

For more information, check out the Organic Consumers Association

If you live anywhere near Riverheads, VA and are looking for ‘real’ healthy food, visit Polyface Farms. Not there? Check out Local Harvest.

Please share this information with friends and family. Together, we can make a difference.


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