Self Growth: Ch 12 Review of 15 Laws of Growth – Curiosity

Curiosity is key to growth. Remember the question you asked most as a child – Why or How come?

Curiosity is the primary catalyst for self-motivated learning. It takes people from living ordinary to extraordinary lives.

10 suggestions to cultivate curiosity:

  1. Believe you can be curious. You must go out and look for knowledge. It will not come to you.
  2. Have a beginner’s mindset. Be open and vulnerable.
  3. Make ‘why’ your favorite word. Anyone who has all the answers isn’t asking the right questions.
  4. Spend time with other curious people.
  5. Learn something new everyday. Wake up with an attitude of learning. Keep your eyes and ears open. Reflect.
  6. Partake of the fruit of failure – a sign of progress. Make it a friend.
  7. Stop looking for the right answer. There is usually more than one answer to a question. For example, if something isn’t broken – How can it be made better?
  8. Get over yourself
  9. Get out of the box
  10. Enjoy your life

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PS  Have you noticed how our education system and the corporate world are geared toward instruction/information? People are taught what to think not how to think. Becoming like a curious child asking questions is when growth happens. My world has grown to be brighter, more colorful and more interesting.

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