Self Growth: Ch 13 Review of 15 Laws of Growth – Modeling

How can you improve if you have no one else to follow? Resources have little value unless you can pull from them the essentials that you need – notes, quotes and reflection. Putting things into practice as soon as possible after learning them helps you improve more rapidly. It does no good to learn something and not use it. If you travel a bit, make your vehicle your classroom and listen to tapes or CDs.

Be selective when choosing mentors as models to follow. Some really good ones can be found in books.

  1. A good mentor is a worthy example. We become like the people we admire and those we choose to model.
  2. A good mentor is available.
  3. A good mentor has proven experience. To know the road ahead, ask the people coming back.
  4. A good mentor possesses wisdom.
  5. A good mentor provides friendship and support unselfishly working to help you reach your potential. Great things happen whenever we stop seeing ourselves as God’s gift to others and start seeing others as God’s gifts to us. Growth comes from both the heart and the head.
  6. A good mentor is a coach who makes a difference in people’s lives.

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C.ARE for the people they coach
O.BSERVE attitude, behavior and performance
A.LIGN them with their strengths for peak performance
C.OMMUNICATE and give feedback about their performance
H.ELP improve their lives and performance


Three to five questions will help you find a mentor that is right for where you are and help you advance.

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PS  Have you picked up the 15 Laws of GrowthJohn Maxwell goes into greater detail than the notes I have shared with you here and I can almost feel myself getting taller. 🙂

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