Self Growth: Ch 9 Review of 15 Laws of Growth – Ladder

Character growth determines the height of your personal growth. Personal growth leads to personal success.

  1. Focus on being better on the inside than on the outside. Character matters … it represents who we are on the inside. As we think in our hearts, so we become. Before you can do … you must be. For example, expressions of care on the outside, with a heart of hatred on the inside will not bring lasting peace. We must align the inside and the outside of our lives. Getting the inside right must come first with solid character traits that provide the foundation for growth. Character is a quality that embodies several important traits such as integrity, courage, perseverance, confidence and wisdom.
  2. Follow the Golden Rule. People matter. The Golden Rule prompts you to think of other people and to take the higher road.
  3. Teach only what you believe. Passion matters. If you believe it, you can achieve it.
  4. Value humility above all values. Perspective matters. Think of Forrest Gump, “Mama says life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” Or, you can think of life as a jar of jalapenos: “What you do today could burn your behind tomorrow.” Be teachable. Be willing to serve others. Be grateful. Those who drink the water need to be grateful for those who dug the well. Humility is a solid foundation for all the virtues.
  5. Strive to finish well. Faithfulness matters. By focusing on personal character, we make the world a better place. The stronger our character, the greater our growth potential.

Applying the Law of the Ladder to Your Life

  1. Assess where you have put most of your focus up to this point in your life. Has it been mainly on outside or the inside? How much was spent on clothing, jewelry, accessories and so on, versus how much spent on books, conferences? How much time was spent on inner growth versus physical appearance? Is exercise focused on outward appearance or physical health?
  2. Plan time to regularly serve others. It will help develop humility, character and other-mindedness. Volunteer.
  3. What are you doing everyday to develop character traits? You can change who you are by becoming a better overall person.

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P.S. There is much more in the 15 Laws of Growth that I haven’t shared on these recent posts. If you are looking for ‘how to’ on personal growth, John Maxwell is a terrific mentor.

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