Why A Banana Is the Best Fruit Ever

(LittleThingsDoMatter) It’s nutritious? It makes you laugh because it’s a funny shape? You can use the peel to take the itch out of mosquito bites? A banana is the best fruit ever because you can say to all the above AND to the following as well: YES! They are naturally sweetened, full of potassium, a super in-between-meal snack, they contain all the 8 amino-acids our body cannot produce.
Nutrition charts and information about the contents of fruit in comparison to other foods.
Do you know these 25 Facts about bananas?
Bananas are probably the most versatile fruit: peel and eat, chop up or smash and use as a sandwich spread. (Though I haven’t tried it, my dad used to eat them with peanut butter.) Make banana bread, pudding, add to a vanilla meal shake and know your young ones are getting the nutrition their little bodies need.
Try some of these great Banana Recipes!

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