America: Tattered and Torn

America, Tattered and Torn

Looking at “America, tattered and torn” on a regular basis can have a major impact on focus and emotional health. Maybe that’s something you already figured out? I personally never had it hit me ‘front and center’ before.

This flag for instance . . . The image is not as clear as I would like. You can see it is definitely ripped and a good visual for the shape America is in. I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling so much stress or why my creativity was down. It’s because I saw this every time I looked out of my office window.

I’d think about what is happening to our once beautiful America “Land of the FREE and Home of the Brave” … Our fundamental God-given rights are being challenged by a liberal society: Freedom of Religion and Speech – the Right to Bear Arms, the Right to Life, etc. The Constitution and Bill Of Rights fought for by our Forefathers and even some of my own relatives are being threatened daily.

I remember as a child running free. There was discipline – we were taught right from wrong. We had The Ten Commandments. We talked about God and had prayer. I remember Christmas lights everywhere and Easter egg hunts. We really worked hard for awards and rewards in school, too. Today, kids seem to get rewarded just for showing up! I even question what our kids are being taught.

America: Tattered and Torn – We CAN rebuild!

I know America was beautiful and I know she can be again. THIS is the flag I look at now … Yes, I have a new one!  My stress level has already gone down, my creativity is coming back and my focus is on helping to make America beautiful again and the Land of Opportunity … to help people feel like individuals rather than numbers because they receive government aid. There IS work in America and people CAN live their dreams.

Like me though, their focus needs to change. Some education may be required. We are responsible for our own lives. It’s like taking care of your own teeth for the year between dental exams. It’s about making better choices.

Is it time to replace your own “flag” … take control of your own life and become the person you want and are meant to be?

May God Bless America … again.

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