Welcome to My Home on The Net 2You’ll find my blog to be a hodge-podge of different topics because there are a lot of little things that can have an impact or consequence on life and they all pretty much affect our health in one way or another. The main topics will be centered around:

  • Food – preservatives
  • Personal Care – chemicals
  • Household Cleaners

This is how my life on the net started – Health issues started showing up in my grandchildren that I didn’t see (or recognize) while my own children were growing up. They were always at the doctor for one reason or another: runny noses, ear aches, stomach aches, leg cramps, absolutely incredible energy, the list goes on. There are labels now: allergies, asthma, ADHD, obesity, etc. Learning about side effects was alarming, and adding different meds to counteract those side effects was frightening. With all of the appointments and medications, NEVER were the possible causes discussed. I started doing research and found that very simple changes could have dramatic affects. Answers to one question “What’s in it?” opened the floodgates. I learned things about food, cleaners, medications and immunizations that weren’t part of my pre-Grandma life. It’s a whole new world today and it’s SCARY.

  • Today’s food no longer has the nutritional value it had when I was a child and with GMO (genetically modified organisms) food not being labeled, it’s up to the person buying food to be on the lookout. Add the preservatives (so food has a longer shelf life); add food coloring (dyes); add all the sugar (more health issues such as diabetes, obesity. heart problems, etc).
  • Today’s home cleaning products – for the most part – are considered hazardous yet we use them in our homes and they can cause allergies, asthma, ADHD-like symptoms, cancer, etc
  • Many personal care products also use hazardous chemicals which can cause issues like the cleaners.
There is a company that truly cares about people and the planet. They are about being as close to nature as possible. They are about doing good in the world. EXACTLY what I and many others want for our families.
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“I Specialize in The Little Things that affect our health and well being. “Health Matters”.
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